"JEROME" - movie script by matt pospeed

JEROME is a young Swedish man who works in his father's, architectural studio in London. Although he is a very well-paid, focused on career board member, his biggest dream is becoming a rockstar. To escape from his everyday routine, he starts to imagine himself as someone else. His fiance, HELENA with whom he expects a baby, CODY, starts to be worried about his mental problems. Often neurotic scenarios of Jerome's life, intertwined with hallucinations and visions of his undisclosed desires, transform his internal confusion into profound hate of his ambitious father, ERIC. Feeling oppressed by him, Jerome creates an imaginative sister, named LYKKE, who becomes his alter ego.

In Jerome's imagination Lykke is a young lesbian woman, who lives with Helena. They have a 5-year-old son, Cody. Although Lykke is graduated in architecture from the University of London, her passion for music is much stronger than one of being an architect. This becomes the main issue with her stepfather, Eric. Lykke doesn’t know about her biological father, ARTHUR, a famous British music producer, who helps her with the music career. In fact, she is being offered an important contract that may finally change her life. However, constant conflicts between Lykke and her family leads her to kill her brother, Jerome, and her stepfather, Eric.

After being investigated by the police, Lykke is sent to a mental hospital. In the moment of committing suicide he realizes that her real identity is... Jerome. On the same day Helena gives birth to the child, Cody. And the new story begins...